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    Easy and Simple

    Expert support in diverse fields

    YourTurn makes it easy and simple to buy or sell a business. It only takes 5 minutes to register and post your business for sale. It's a pay-for-performance service, so listing your business is free! Buyers can use the service completely free of charge.

    *We take a 4% commission of the seller's final sale price.

    *You are responsible for all legal, CPA, and escrow fees necessary for the buying and selling process.

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    Buyer Cost 0% (*Seller Cost 4%)

    In addition to listing your business, YourTurn includes a messaging function that allows you to negotiate on the site, an e-signing site that allows you to sign the basic agreement and final purchase agreement online, and an escrow company meaning everything is taken care of with YourTurn, from listing to closing. YourTurn can also provide you with the necessary experts for due diligence and contract drafting.

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    It usually takes about 11 months from listing to closing to buy or sell a small business, but with YourTurn, it's possible in as little as 3 months!

Why do people choose YourTurn?

Why do people choose YourTurn?

YourTurn is the selling/buying a business matching site
in the USA.
Easy to use, Full process, Fast

1.    Cost

Seller 4%
(Minimum $5000)
Buyer 0%

Seller 5-10%
(Minimum $8000-200,000)
Buyer 0%

2.    Term

Average 3 Month

5 months to 1 year

3.    Areas covered

All across the United States (in expanding)

All across the United States

4.    Information / Support

Messaging feature, online NDA
completion, Letter of Intent templates,
E-signing site, escrow company available

Guide line and
Q&A only

5.    Expert Support

We can introduce a wide range of
expert support from attorneys to CPAs

Online support only

Process Flow

Process Flow

Connect with specialists
*Fees not included in commission

Connect with specialists
*Fees not included in commission